Perfectly Imperfect

Petrichor: noun /ˈpetrīˌkôr/ the smell of the earth after the rain.

Holiday Collection

A collection of festive ornaments for gifting and for your home, that bring the... 

Everyday Collection

This collection of pieces features minimalist designs meant to blend seamlessly into... 

Vernal Collection

vernal • \VER-nul\ • adjective. 1 : of, relating to, or occurring in... 

Our Story

Petrichor + Gold is the work of Olivia Sangster, a small batch potter working in Charleston, SC. Petrichor by definition is a word that recalls the smell of the earth after it rains— while gold denotes something treasured and valued— and describes the materials and intention behind each piece. Inspired by minimalism as well as Japanese and Scandinavian design, Olivia aims to create beautiful, one of a kind pieces that are meant to blend seamlessly into our everyday rituals.